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Laura Gurney Marketing Expert

Marketing Background 

I absolutely adore people and have a thousand ideas per minute, always making connections and thinking creatively about who will work best with whom. It comes very naturally to me and it took my first employer to give me the chance to grow,  when my graduate role evolved very quickly from PA to new business developer.


I usually fall a little bit in love with my clients and their services/ products and I say this, not to be creepy but because if we are a good fit, we can move mountains to get your business into the spotlight and attracting new customers. We will first have an informal chat to see how well we get on and to check that our values align before working on an approach that can be continuously reviewed.

As of October 2023,  I am a Chartered Institute of Marketing Associate, with more than 20 years marketing experience, committed to on-going CPD  in a bid to stay afloat of the constant wave of new digital media! And when the platform is not my area of expertise, I have a team of partners who can help.  Currently the best performers in the digital realm are short form YouTube videos mixed with SEO strategy, but this is always changing, so if you are looking for the next thing after TikTok,  I suggest you try that combination if you are wanting to grow your audience. 

Over the last 2 years,  I have delivered online marketing masterclasses to groups of start-up businesses, sharing how to organically grow their businesses and find new clients. During lockdown, my ads agency was forced to pivot away from ad campaigns for gyms and wedding venues and I turned to affiliate marketing which I nurtured on social media, using FB groups and which resulted in a very successful multi-figure launch. I am also part of a huge online marketing membership which helps me to stay afloat of the constantly evolving social media channels. 


Marketing does not always bring instant results; ideally with digital ad campaigns as well as ‘in person’ businesses,, over a minimum of 3 months, we can measure data and see what’s working and what isn’t; we can split test landing pages and see what works; 3 months is a minimum time to begin to see results but you could build up a successful launch on socials and hit your monthly target within the first month.  It’s usually a process that evolves and may include considerable content creation which takes time and sustained consistency as well as market research your prices and your offers.  Your business may be solely online or it may require a backdrop of social media, whilst other sales spaces will do the conversion. You tell me how you are getting your business now, and we work out how we can work together to amplify your message.  Using more traditional methods also requires input over time, then following up; gradually gaining the trust and confidence of new clients.  I am currently working with a phenomenal  glass artist who makes bespoke commissions for private clients or institutions; we will start our approach with cold outreach from me, contacting architects who are specifically using glass in their work.  It is much easier for me to contact them directly and to shine a light on my client’s beautiful work. 

Laura Gurney Marketing Support
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