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Marketing Services and Support

Previous and Current Projects 

Simon Gillespie Studio

Simon Gillespie Studio

Freelance Lead Generation & Business Development

Direct outreach, partnerships with Historic Houses, English Heritage, Press, auction houses and institutions.  

Laura is an intuitive listener and doer. She will absorb the remit and come up with appropriate action. Well organised and very special with her business skills. It is always good to talk through various business problems and come up with a plan of how to solve them.

Simon Gillespie

Xerogrid Solar 

Xerogrid Solar

Digital campaign and Facebook Ads campaign 

Our FB ad campaign generated £350,000 of hot leads of UK farmers with barns suitable for solar panels; these leads were booked for site surveys for installations. Parallel to this, we created a comedy video short showing an off-grid solar installation to raise brand awareness. 

Creative, inspiring and fun to work with. Laura deployed a surprising, measurable, positive result with a great short video, and specific, detailed, technically impressive targeted social media campaign. 

Further more, we are using the media from the above to continue developing our brand identity and delivery of true energy independence. Planning a Spring campaign with Laura

Ian, Managing Director

Mek & Fettle

Mek & Fettle

In 2023, Laura secured a free retail space at Yorkshire's Redbrick Mills Design Centre. The exhibition is to open in September 2023 and local press are expected to attend. 

Laura entered Mek & Fettle into the New Designers Show and was delighted when the client was a finalist in the New Selects Category. The show was held at the Design Centre in London in July 2023 and the client made connections with the Lead designer at Habitat and other interior designers. 

Laura has secured a feature in The Dalesman magazine; forthcoming! 

Laura is precisely what you need for your business. She knows what her strengths are and doesn’t promise anything she can’t deliver. She took her time to really consider how she can bring value to my business, not where she could make the most money, and delivered, with a cherry on top. The business feels 100% mine, but wouldn’t be as good as it is without Laura’s insight and very efficient work. Couldn’t recommend more.

Sonny Mek & Fettle

Awena McCormack

Aweana McCormack

The Awoken Woman Journey

Delivery of Marketing Masterclass for online start-ups

I want to say a huge thank you to Laura Gurney for helping my clients with their online marketing. 

Laura has delivered such informative and supportive masterclasses, regular workshops and 1:1s and offered potent and practical support that has been a massive game-changer for my the growth of my clients! 

Not only this but she is an exceptional woman to work with.

Awena McCormack

Rachel Welford

Rachel Welford

Marketing Campaign

To create partnerships, collaborations with Interior Designers and Architects to generate new clients and raise awareness. 

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Rachel Welford

After a one hour business audit 

Laura listened to my requirements and came up with a way that suited me to do cold outreach with clients. I will take action on what was discussed. It was a great meeting thank you

Nik Bauman

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