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Making Marketing Magical

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

How to transition from resistance to loving the process of finding new clients!

Until I started working in ‘marketing’, I will be honest, the term did not enthral me!

In fact, any kind of corporate/ business/ bro lingo made me screw up my face in anticipated boredom. Queue; massive resistance! The thought of being ‘Salesy’ makes me feel a little bit sick too. Especially being Salesy on Social Media (which I have actually done under guidance from my multi-figure mentors - doh!). I am not a corporate kinda gal, not at all. I prefer to be out walking my dogs with my feet on the earth, listening to the sound of water running down the moors. So how could it be that I could end up working in Business Growth and really love it?

It came about as a natural extension of my nature and my love of people and creative thinking. I absolutely love connection; connecting with people, with nature, with ideas. Creative connection is the one thing that underpins my spiritual practice and my business world; thankfully! For such a long time I just couldn’t see the thread, but now I know it to be such an essential element of our human existence that I encourage you to look at marketing and expect it to generate feelings of joy. Seriously! Do your marketing when you feel good; really good!

Whatever it is that you are bringing to the world, you will certainly have the feeling of it being needed and necessary. You will be solving a problem that resonates with you and will resonate with others. Your ideal clients must be presented with ways to connect with you that are not icky, that don’t make you want to give up on your business but that make you smile and, crucially, that are effective. The best way to do this? You must be absolutely authentically you, true to yourself and your messaging. It must sit well with you and you must want to do the work. If you don’t; you can try another approach, or get someone else to do it for you.

There is so much focus on social media marketing, which is great to do organically (ie: not paid), but it's not the only way to get eyes on your business. I love old-fashioned, in person methods; entering my clients for awards and seeing their delight when they are a finalist at an awards ceremony, or partnering up with an established publication and offering a competition prize to a membership that results in entry projects for the next two years. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved and what I strive for with my clients. I also genuinely love cold outreach; picking up the phone and creating a new connection with someone completely unknown, but who hears the offer and takes it into consideration. I make each of these calls as if I am calling my son, or someone I love very dearly; the energy of this makes a huge difference and is often well received. Surprising, but true!

The thing about marketing is to stay fluid; you can test approaches, if they don’t work, change them up. Digital marketing gives lots of data so you can really see what is working and what isn’t. There is no need to stick to the same thing. Experiment with your messaging; try different platforms; try different offers; feel into what works and keep changing. It’s the only certainty in life!

So, if you take away one thing from these brief words; reach to find the joy in your business growth; keep your ideal clients in mind and find ways to reach them that uplift you and them. I love what my clients bring to my life; valuable work that I can help others to find. Its uplifting and surprisingly close to energy work. Another post on that soon!


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