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Bespoke Business Growth

Growth Strategy - Lead Generation - Press & PR - Partnerships -
Corporate Outreach - Exhibitions - Social Media - Facebook Ads -
Websites - Email Marketing

I love big ideas and people and creating connections and business partnerships that benefit everyone; it has to be a win-win for you and your client. This takes marketing into the realm of pure joy and it’s my particular area of expertise.

Using a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies, we cultivate new clients for you and get eyes onto your business so you can focus on doing the work you love the most! 

I’m Laura and I love people and creative thinking.  

I started work in lead generation in 1997 at Simon Gillespie Art Studio.  At that time, traditional methods involved writing letters on paper, following up with phone calls and booking in-person meetings!  Real connection and real relationships, with integrity are always key.


More recently I have run Facebook Ads, worked with YouTube content creators, as well as very successful organic social media launch campaigns.  I offer a range of services from writing Press Releases to generate media coverage, to helping find you a retail space, to running an event or putting on an exhibition, to partnering with established organisations and networks that really help your business grow. 


Your business is your baby; it is a labour of love and no two businesses are ever alike; so jump on a call with me, grab a cuppa and let’s see if I can help. 

Laura Gurney Marketing Services

Laura Gurney 

Lotus-Seed Marketing

Digital Marketing, Organic Social Media, Press & PR

 “Creative, inspiring and fun to work with. Laura deployed a surprising, measurable, positive result..."

Our Services 

No two businesses are ever the same; each one is as unique as you are; so we would probably be looking at a combination of: 

online marketing expert


Organic social media marketing

Social Media
Paid & Organic

social media marketing

Training & Mentoring

Press and PR Marketing

Press & PR

Press and PR Marketing

Shows, Fairs& Exhibitions

digital marketing services

Affiliate Marketing

Book in for a free call with me and lets see how we can grow your business

Lets Grow Your Vision

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